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Rajinikanth 34th Wedding Anniversary special event by Thalaivar Foundation
(Thursday, 5th March 2015)

Greetings EveryOne ,

Hope everybody are doing fine... On the account of Thalaivar's 34th Wedding Anniversary we at Thalaivar Foundation organized an event we wanted it to be special...Fate seperates few relations but when the same fate brings unknown people together and make them relations for life or atleast make one another smile without any expectations from each other , then that is called Destiny.. We at Thalaivar Foundation have just one aim ,destinies of pure hearts should be fulfilled thats our only motive...

We wanted to conduct this event in a place where only pure hearts that overcame unthinkable difficulties but still have the will power to face anything in life , As we all know the famous saying "Where There Is A Will There Is A Way" , show us the will we will definitely show you the way , the right way , thats also one of the main objective of our organization... We thought of so many places but finally zeroed on Sivanandha Gurukulam , Potheri , Chennai ... It was a really difficult task to get the dates for us to conduct an event very few of our members worked together to make this event a reality , too many false promises were given by our fellow fans that they will help us physically but as usual we ended up a handful , that's fine we expect nothing from anyone only the one's who really want to do such things will have such an opportunity... Sivanandha Gurukulam definitely seemed a very good place we somehow got the date and yes we made it a grand success , in this time i would like to thank Mr.Sivanandha Rajaram for permitting us to conduct such a lively event...

On 22nd Feb 2015 at Sivanandha Gurukulam Lunch was provided on our behalf to the students and the old people who are staying there... Our team members spent quality time with them which led to some emotional moments... The little children were so enthustiastic on seeing Thalaivar's banner hanging in their dinning hall were they usually eat , they embrace thalaivar as someone who's always there for them that completely swept us off our feet , even the old people , they see Thalaivar as the most respected human....They were really happy that we spent a day's time with them and the happiness our team experienced after making those opure hearts smile ,is just out of this world.. We taught the students about afforestation and the need for planting our own crops and how important is agriculture to us , our team members involving themselves in such wonderful events is a great sight to watch ...

We Sincerely Thank Our Members ,
Mr.Saidai G Ravi
Mr.Mohammed Khalifa
Mr.Naveen Chakravarthy & team for making this event a huge huge huge success...

Thank You.. God Bless

P.S: If you are willing to do such events in your place and need necessary informations please feel free t contact us through our pls share and like us..

Be Good , Do Good

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Wednesday, 11th March 2015 at 01:16:28

its a great achivment for super star rajini uncle.god is allways with you uncle.

Saturday, 7th March 2015 at 07:17:27

Nice gesture .. spreading love through such good works.

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