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Exclusive Report from Singapore on Sivaji Movie Advance Booking
(Wednesday, 13th June 2007)

Singapore has never seen such a big rush for advanced tickets for any Tamil Films and the distributor expressed his happiness to see the response.

* GV Yishun theatre is showing the movie in 3 screens and all the 3 screens are booked full till the 17th June and the bookings are still going on.

* Fans who have visted the GV Yishun has reported huge queues for the advanced booking. They had to wiat a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours to get the tickets, which has never happened in thier knowledge in Singapore. This is the first time, something like this is happening.

* Hari has booked '5 tickets for the Singapore fans who have registed with us. He had booked at the Plaza theatre. Plaza is a huge theatre with around 1,200 to 1,500 capacity and we hope it will be filled soon. As of yesterday, each person who goes to Plaza and GV Yishun are booking anywhere in the range of 20-40 tickets per person.

* We plan to go for the FDFS at the Plaza on the 14th Night at 9pm show and as usual, only Plaza theatre in Singapore, you can shout and scream and dance and do all galatta like that happens in Tamilnadu.

* Shouting and screaming is not allowed at the GV screens, but the distributor has mentioned that he's worried about how to control the crowds. During the Chandramukhi screening, police had intervened to control the shoutings. And Sivaji is expected to have more punch dialogues and will be more stylish and more actions ... the crowd is surely going to create more problems by shouting and screaming and dancing. We expect to have more galatta at the GV Yishun this time, but the key pulse of the excitement is going to be at the Plaza theatre... when 1,000+ fans start to shout nad scream at the sametime. Something like this will never happen for any other heroes movies in Singapore!

* Tamil Murasu will be having two ads appear on the 15th June. One from the distributor and the other, on behalf of This time, will have a quarter page ad that will appear on the 15th June and I am attaching the ad that we are placing on the Tamil Murasu herewith for you to see.

* For the first time, a teaser trailer had started appearing from the 9th June on the Vasantham Central TV Channel in Singapore. This again will be a first for a Tamil film in Singapore.

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