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Rajini and Kids

It was 1985, I was watching a duet scene from a much expected movie in which one of the leading hero was in a critical situation with the heroine. Suddenly, my mother asked me to go out from the theatre to get “popcorn”, I was really confused of her saying. But, there was no other way, so I did so. After 10 years back, I had got a chance to watch the same movie once again and I came to know why she asked me to walk out from the theatre?!

Thank God!

Super Star never let me down in such type of hesitating situation. Still, his films could be watched for the age group from 6 to 60.

The huge success of the film “Annai Oru Aalayam” (Silver Jubilee film, in the year of 1979) made Rajinikanth to understand himself that he has certain market value from the audience in the age group of 5-10 years. “Annai Oru Aalayam” was a different treatment in the history of tamil cinema in which the hero is out of his hero worship. Though it was a commercial cinema, it speaks well about the Animal Husbandry.

“Anbulla Rajinikanth” ensured that the children have a good credit on Super Star Rajinikanth which leaded their relationship into a different dimension. In the early 80s Rajini Uncle has almost won the hearts of kids.

In the end of 80s, Super Star did one more film for the kids, “Raja Chinna Roja” which scored the image of Super Star very well. Vairamuthu had also shown his potential by his excellent lyrics.

In the recent films also, Super Star took an account of interests of kids. That’s why his fans list is growing up. The third generation kids like even the son of Maniratnam, son of P.C. Sriram and the grand son of Major Sunderarajan….are the fans of Rajini uncle!

Super Star also could understand their affection…

“Thank you Malargale…!.. Thank you Thaligarle….!.. Naan nanri sollavum thamizhil varthaigal illai!”  (Nattukoru Nallavan)

Even a small kids who is in the age of 3, knows Super Star very well. That’s the real victory of a perfect hero!

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