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V.K. Ramasamy

Dey.. Raskolu…” I could still hear his famous murmuring sound.. If the officials of Oxford Dictionary come to Tamil Nadu, they may come to a conclusion to add some more meaning after hearing the words of “Raskolu” by V.K.R and “Padava Raskol” by K.B!

V.K. Ramasamy, the veteran Character artist who did lot of old roles even in his young age – he is really a good icon of Tamil Cinema. His performance in “Velaikaran” and “Varusham 16” was really a wonderful one.

“Agni Natchathiram”, “Arangerra Velai” & “Arunachalam” all are “A” class movies. “Allavudinum Arputha Vilukkum” might be the first film for Rajinikanth with V.K. Ramasamy. Perhaps he might be the only actor who had worked from T.R. Mahalingam to new debut of the film “University”. Most of the A.V.M produces movies, V.K.R did lot of good supporting roles.

Rajni & V.K.R team got a good appreciation for “Velaikaran”. Though V.K.R had come only one or two scenes in “Dharmathin Dalaivan” and “Raja Chinna Roja”, he made a remarkable entry in those films.

When, V.K.R was in the set of “Raja Chinna Roja”, he just asked Super Star to do a film for his homeproduction. Super Star just replied “Let us see..later!” V.K.R wouldn’t have expected that Rajni would include him as one of the producer of “Arunachalam” Later, he told to media person that he could use the profit of Arunachalam to refresh himself from the failures of his home production movies.

Definitely, it will be a great loss to Tamil Cinema to loose a well-talented character artist having good characteristics. Let us pay our condolence for the death of V.K. Ramasamy..


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