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Sri Vidya

20 October 2006


It was 1991. Thalapathi was making waves all over Tamil Nadu. In an TV interview, Srividya was saying that she was very proud of acting with Rajni as his mother. Like Sujatha, Srividhya also become Heroine-turned-mother in Rajni's films.  She concluded the interview by saying that there would not any change in the rule of  Rajni - Kamal era in Tamil Cinema for the next 25 years. After watching her statement, one of my uncle commented,  "Even M.G.R & Shivaji couldn't have a excellent "good bye" from tamil cinema.. how Rajni & Kamal could.".  But, things has been changed. Now, we could say that there will be some impact of Rajni & Kamal in Tamil Cinema for the next 30 years, we can sure.  

In early 90s, Srividhya would be in news whenever she did mother role in Rajni film. When Rajni was started his career, Srividhya was a leading artist. Rajni was not comfortable in romantics scenes in Aboorva Raagangal.  K.B had to go for so many re-takes and only few portions of the same was handled during the final production.  Whenever we ask about Rajni,  Srividhya didn't forget to mention the same.


Srividhya couldn't forget the role she played in Manithan which got good appreciation among the audience. By that time, there was no one to make a remark by doing sister role. Rajni himself offerd Srividhya to play the same. Srividhya got so many combination scenes in the film compared to heroine.


Peronsally i couldn't foget one of her interview when the Thalapathi shooting was on.  By that time, any bit news about Thalapathy was really treat for the fans. Media was not like as today. She was the first person gave some hint about the song "Rakkamma Kaiyathattu" in which she told that Rajni tried some unusual steps in the film which had come very good. Compare to Rajn's usual dance movements in Mappillai, Panakkaran, Dharmadurai & Athisiyapiravi,  it doesn't have more stuff but it has come out very well, as told.


It's still a question mark of why she left Tamil cinema and settled in Kerala during her last days.  It's really a lose for tamil cinema especially we missed one more personality who was very close to Rajni's earlier days.


Let us pray, may her soul rest in peace.


- Ramki


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