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Major Sunderajan

He might not be thought to see Rajini as a successful hero in Tamil cinema when met him in the set of "Aboorva Ragangal". Eventually, he got the chance to watch the career of Rajini by doing lot of supporting character roles & villain roles in Rajini films. Major Sundararajan, definitely he is noted Supporting Actor as well as a busy cinema & T.V icon. Major has started his career through the stages. Starting from "Aboorva Ragangal", Major has worked so many times with Super Star till the end of 80s. K.B had given a turning point in his career through the so called character "Major". The "Major" role not only has given a self-confident to the viewers also to the career of Sundararajan.

When Rajini was suffering from mental depression in the earlier days of 1979, there were only three person really took care of Rajini. They took him to Dr. Cherriyan and he was admitted in Appollo Hospital for treatment of more than 2 months. They are K.Balachander, Nagesh & Major Sundarajanů..

Let us pay our Homage to Major!



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