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‘Petta’ is my real comeback, says Simran
(Wednesday, 9th January 2019)

Simran chats about playing Rajinikanth’s heroine in his upcoming film, releasing this Thursday.

Simran was bombarded with messages on the day the first look of Petta, featuring her and Rajinikanth, was out. “You look like you were never away from the movies,” someone commented.

“It is a real comeback, isn’t it?” smiles Simran, as we settle down for a chat at a dance studio where she is rehearsing for a performance. The actor has been on the big screen in the last couple of years in a few films, but none that announced her arrival. Petta does that, and it’s no wonder that she describes it a ‘comeback’.

Excerpts from an interview:

The way you look in Petta has been appreciated a lot by fans. What’s the secret?

I feel that being fit is the best gift you can give yourself. I look this way because of a mix of diet, yoga and fitness. Maybe it’s also the aura of working with Rajinikanth sir. (smiles).

You were away from films for a while, and suddenly, you’re Rajinikanth’s heroine. How did that happen?

Petta brought me back on track. I’m grateful to director Karthik Subbaraj, Rajini sir and the producers for that. My career was here and there over the past few years. There were so many responsibilities that I didn’t know what kind of films to take on.

But thankfully, there are many people out there who are watching me and what I do and want me to take on great roles.

What was the main factor for you to pick Petta?

It’s a huge package. I couldn’t even think of letting it go. Karthik Subbaraj is among the younger generation directors that I follow; he has done films in a variety of genres. He’s very clear about what he wants from an actor.

It isn’t easy; he is such a huge fan of Rajini sir, but still managed to conduct the director-actor relationship seamlessly on sets.

Describe your first moment shooting with the Superstar.

I have been a Rajini fan for a long time; there have been times when I’ve tried walking like him and putting on my glasses like him! I thought I’d forget my dialogues because I was star-stuck on the first day. But he ensured that everything was calm on sets and kept telling us that what we’re doing is to entertain people.

A lot of people do not know you were the original choice for Rajinikanth’s Chandramukhi, a role that later went to Jyotika. Why did you miss the Rajini moment back then?

I do rue missing that film, but it has a beautiful reason behind it. I shot for three days for Chandramukhi, and discovered on the fourth day that I was pregnant with my first baby. That was a beautiful reason for me to let go of that.


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