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‘Thalaivar is everywhere’: Fans delighted after Aus police tweet Rajinikanth meme
(Saturday, 16th February 2019)

Where words fail to adequately express a situation or emotion, memes come in handy. That's what Derby Police did when sharing an unbelievable case of drunken driving they had come across.

On February 10, the Twitter handle of the Derby Police in Australia tweeted about a case of drunken driving. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Except that it went viral, especially among Rajinikanth fans… All because the police were so stumped at the case that they used a Rajinikanth meme to express their shock.

The inebriated man who was subject to a breath analyser test was found to have the blood alcohol level of 0.341%, the Derby police said. What was so mindboggling, the tweet explains, is that this man’s alcohol levels were akin to someone who was under influence of a surgical anaesthetic or in a coma! This reading, Derby Police said, “biologically shouldn't even be possible.”

Imagine – this man was behind the wheel!

 As pop culture goes, everyone knows where words fail to adequately express a situation or emotion, memes come in handy. And the Derby Police did that too – with arguably the most apt meme of all. Accompanied by a copy of the breath analyser results, was a still from the Rajinikanth starrer 2.0, which shows the Superstar looking puzzled. In the film, this is the part when Rajini is in a discussion about the cellphone theft and trying to come up with a strategy to combat it.

2.0, a sequel to hugely popular 2010 film Enthiran, starred Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson in pivotal roles, is the most expensive Indian film ever made.

Rajinikanth fans who found their way to the tweet were delighted, and expressed their joy with tweets like “Thailavar is everywhere!”. At the time of writing, the Derby Police’s tweet had almost 600 retweets and over 1100 likes. Here’s how some Thalaivar fans responded to it.

This is not the Derby Police’s first viral tweet though. A scroll through their Twitter account reveals that they use witty memes to get their point across quite often. 

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