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Superstar at Sivakumar Daughter Marriage
(Wednesday, 16th November 2005)

16 November 2015

As usual Superstar alone, caught the attention and uproar of the people and attendees of the marriage at Mayor Ramanathan chettiar hall, Santhome.

Superstar entered the hall like lightning with his consort Smt.Latha, at 7.00pm exactly. There was a huge response and everybody in the hall, became brisk at the moment. There were sounds like, thalaivaa, Sivaji vaazgha, Superstar….nagarungappa, hello oeram oeram, Pls konjam move pannunga….adho adho anga….wow thalaivar really smart….like this there were voices all around the hall. Many parents, were eager to show their kids, "Look ..look…there is Rajini uncle"
Bride's brother Surya and father Sivakumar were extremely happy abt his presence. After a few minutes the Superstar couples greeted the newly wed and gave pose to media and photographs.

Thalaivar, stretched his hands over Surya with love and saw the cameras. It's over. After a few minutes, wishing and greeting and smiling and responding to the smiles of all, Superstar went back. Again there was a big thallu-mullu at the exit of the hall. Everybody was trying to see the Superstar. Some of them had the luck to have the sight of thalaivar. Again, there was "Superstar Sivaji Vaazgha….Superstar vaazgha" The hall returned to normalcy.

Special Correspondent

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