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When the LION ROARED - An eyewitness report of Superstar's Fast
(Saturday, 5th April 2008)

Friends,Sorry for such a late presentation. It took so much time to type this. Hope you won't mind.

Actually I was planning to go to the venue by 7.45 am itself on the day of the fast. But I felt that it would be nice to go there after seeing Superstar entering the stage (so as we would get the energy). So, we all were waiting before the television sets from morning 8.00 am onwards.

Time is passing….seconds became minutes…and minutes became hours. At one point, everybody was there in the stage except our thalaivar.

Thalaivar innum varalai?

I was much tensed and worried and my mood gone out because of spontaneous phone calls I am getting from my friends and near and dear one who were sharing their grief over this. “Enna sir, thalaivar innum varalai….? Varuvaaara? Sir, avar kattayam varanum”

So, I contacted one of my friend who is somewhat closer to Raghavendra Mandapam circles and inquired him about the same. He said pointing some close circles of Superstar that he will turn up there by 9.30 am.

So, I said my reply as “thalaivar will come by 9.30 am. So, pls be patient.”

Now 9.30 gone. 10.30 too gone. Thalaivar has not come.

I am biting my nails here. My BP started raising as I thought allegations if he didn’t turn up.

Kaduvale avar kandippa varanum

Avar eppo varuvaar, eppadi varuvar theriyala….Kaduvale avar kandippa varanum. Unnai thaan nambiyirukom.

11.00 am gone. Still thalaivar has not come. I consoled myself and started answering to the calls, “Yov…avar varala…enna ippo…enna vaena nadakkatum…ennakku kavalai illa”

Its 11.15 am. Muthu dialogue came true now. “Naan eppo varuvaen…eppadi varuvaen…yaarukkum theriyadhu…varavendiya naerathula correctaa vandhuduvaen….”

Thalaiva sariyana nerathula vandhu vayithula paala vaartheenga…..


CUT back to 8.00 am.

Everybody there….

Everybody started arriving to fast venue and satellite channels were busy stopping them for a sound byte.

Each time when the LIVE was turned towards the venue from the studio we were looking for Superstar there. But it was some other actor or actress. Those who don’t have social cause too started pouring and this too raised our anguish.

Ajith, Surya, Simbu, Jeyam Ravi, Bharath, Vishal, Nayantara, Trisha, Ritheesh, etc.etc. all were coming except thalaivar….

A dull stage without SUN

The stage and venue looked very dull. But there was sound. Because mike was given to each and every film fraternity. And they were torturing the public. Even the soaring mercury was better. But the speech of some X’s made the viewers to clash their head on wall. That punishment too would be better than listening these speeches. Many were speaking against national integrity and accusing each other. Nobody was interested to show this. Even the LIVE show on satellite channels were cancelled for while and ads were shown.

The SUN arrives

Finally the SUN came.

The moment he came to the venue in his white Ambassador, the scenario caught heat and turned electrifying. Cameras became busy and press persons started running towards him. Flashes drowned him even in the bright sunlight. The press persons tried hard to get a byte from him. But Superstar denied politely and marched towards the stage. All of a sudden the crowd which was waiting there came to know about this started giving thunderous applause and ovation to the Pachai Tamilan Superstar.

Thalaivar’s stunning look

He was in black jeans, white kadhi shirt, with a cooler and cap. He looked so amazing and electrifying.

The stage was very noisy by that time. Once he stepped into the diaz, everbody stood up for a while and received the true tamilian. Meanwhile the crowd was roaring as nobody could hear what they were announcing on the mike. Sathyaraj’s face became dark. His eyes became burning in jealous.

The stage became pin drop silent as the class room after the teacher’s arrival. Later many came to the stage and all just exchanged pleasantries with the black diamond first. Many started wearing shawls. Sathyaraj was fuming inside. (What a creature is this fellow?)

Each and every press photographer was fighting among themselves to find a place to stand just before Superstar to take snaps. (I am one among them)

Luckily I got the place. (I joined the venue by 11.00 am)

Saw thalaivar very very close-up

My day was made. I started clicking thalaivar spontaneously in my camera. I thought of waiting there till thalaivar speaks. Since I don’t know when he would make his speech, I thought better to move from this place as police security became very tight after that. Meanwhile thousands of fans started pouring in to the venue as news broke out that Superstar has joined the fast. (Maalai Malar reported that the crowd strength tripled after Superstar’s arrival!)

Moved to friend’s room

Meanwhile, I moved to one of friend’s room who was in a mansion there in Triplicane, nearby the venue.

Already there were a group hooked before the television sets. We were listening each and everybody’s speech. Most of the persons who spoke addressed thalaivar as Kannadiga and this was instigating our anger.

Actor Vijayakumar, the great friend

Finally actor Vijayakumar came to our rescue. He spoke very very well hitting the nail. He said, expressed solidarity over Superstar and his participation and also said that he will he should enter politics. Thousands of fans who were there went on continuous applauds which disrupted even his speech for a while. (This Vijayakumar episode alone can be posted as a separate blog. Kindly try videos on this. I will post the report later)

We gave thunderous applause to Vijayakumar and the mansion building shook for a second because of our attagasm.

A salute to Ameer

Later director Ameer came. He too spoke about thalaivar very well. And I say hereby each and every Rajini fan should thank this guy. He said, “Yesterday I was reading newspaper. A particular news made me very sad. “Tight security for Superstar Rajini’s house” What is this? Superstar is a noble soul who is in 8 crore people’s heart. Who is going to do anything against him. Please get back the protection. Government should do this immediately as this act is a shame to our state.” Do I need to mention about the shoot of our mansion again by our applause and whistle.

Meanwhile I was narrating the incident to my friends too who were calling me continuously from various places.

Kamal, Vijayakanth and many others delivered their speech.

Fire…fire….(ada neriya paer ‘stomach’ ullapa)

Many (Sarath, VK) were fuming inside and their stomach started burning deep to see the RESPONSE that thalaivar got. Sathyaraj OPENLY was fuming over the applause Superstar was getting. He finally came to speak. He spoke very very vulgar. His speech was abnormal, amateur, immatured, nasty, unhealthy – finally i couldn’t hear it. He almost attacked thalaivar directly. My blood boiled. My friends went on to break the tv. Next moment I started receiving lots of calls. One of my friend was almost crying. I became biting my lips and then remained silent since I couldn’t control my feelings.

It was thalaivar’s time to speak. Let’s listen to his speech and see whether he gives any fitting reply to him.

Thalaivar’s historic speech

Thalaivar’s name was announced in the mike by Siva Sakthi Pandian and also requested to control our emotions. Thalaivar came before the mike and he could not start his speech immediately since it took minutes for the crowd to settle with their applause and whistle.

Thalaivar understood – it won’t stop. So, he started his speech just to stop the applause. (Can u imagine any other actor or leader who would do this?)

His speech was thundering and striking. I never saw Superstar in real life in such a furious mood. I was shocked to see his anger at that moment. (UUlllaaaaaae PO in Baasha type)

For more on thalaivar’s speech, pls look(read) at this: http://timesnow.tv/Newsdtls.aspx?NewsID=6958

After thalaivar’s speech and during thalaivar’s speech we almost brought the whole mansion to the ground in dust.

Wow…..ini naanga nenja nimithikittu nadapoem

We hugged each other as thalaivar once again won the acid test and proved that he is a true tamilian and applied tonnes and tonnes of coals in all faces that degraded him.

He didn’t answer to Sathyaraj’s ugly speech as his standard is much higher. (Thalaiva, we will look after that pig. Don’t worry.)

While we came out, every nook and corner was about this only. Each and everybody was discussing about thalaivar’s speech and his attachment towards Tamil Nadu and Tamil.

More updates tomorrow…..(Just sleeping and typing this.)

Meanwhile, please have a look at the pictures I have shot there.

Other interesting infos to follow tomorrow about posters there which whipped thalaiavar’s detractors and which read Baba film’s lyrics “Uppitta Tamil Mannai Naan Marakka Maataen, Naan uyirvaazndhal ingae thaan oedividamaataen”

The following allegations have been proven WRONG by Superstar now and forever.

1) He is a Kannada loyalist

2) He supports BJP – which is a communal party

3) He doesn’t care for Tamilians or Tamil Nadu

4) He gets no angry at all.

5) He has no guts.

6) He won’t take part in the fast.

7) He will come to the fast venue and disappear after a few minutes


Note: Friends, I know I missed a lot while narrating. I will present them again tomorrow. This is just a first report. More to follow on consecutive days.



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