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Notebook Distribution - 2018
Kerala Flood Relief Fund - 2018
Blood Donation - 2008
Activities in 2005 & 2006
Blood Donation - 2005
Kaakum Karangal Home Visit - 2005
Free Uniforms - 2004
Blood Donation - 2004
Education Fund - 2004
Free IT Seminars - 2004
Help Starving Farmers - 2003
Fast for Cauvery Water - 2002

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Our Activities
Participation in Thalaivar's Cauvery Fast   

In Oct 2002, www.rajinifans.com participated in the Cauvery Fast by Super Star Rajinikanth in Chennai to implement the order of Supreme Court in the issue of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu. See the top picture!

www.rajinifans.com is ready to help the person who are interested to do social activities in the name of Super Star Rajinikanth.  For further details, please contact us by email at info@rajinifans.com


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