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Rajinikanth next movie with Pa Ranjith titled as "Kaala Karikaalan" : First look released
(Monday, 29th May 2017)

In a series of weekend tweets accompanied by thumbnail images of a fierce-looking Rajinikanth, multi-talented performer and producer Dhanush offered fans a first look at the new film Kaala, which will pair the South Indian superstar actor in his second film with director Pa.Ranjith.

Dhanush’s Wunderbar Films is producing the new picture, which the company described as “A fictional story... not based on any real people or events.”

Dhanush’s Twitter feed offered a look at several teaser posters featuring images of the 67-year-old Rajinikanth against various backgrounds that offer a few tantalizing clues to the film’s story, with bold red letters indicating that it will release in both Telugu and Hindi. In the first of these tweets Dhanush exulted “Here we go !! The biggest of them all .. #superstar Rajinikanth’s #kaala first look.”

In the first of these tweets Dhanush exulted “Here we go !! The biggest of them all .. #superstar Rajinikanth’s #kaala first look.”

One photo portrays the gray-bearded star seated cross-legged on a jeep, a dog seated next to him, with a fish-eye lens view of Mumbai's slums in the background. As fan site noted, "There's a pawn broker shop, children are playing, and when seen upside down, you can notice a woman wearing a purple saree seated below."

At 67 years of age, Rajinikanth has been at the top of South Indian film industry for decades. He was once Asia's second-highest paid star after Jackie Chan, having earned 260 million rupees in 2007 (equivalent to USD $8.5 million today) for his role in the Tamil-language masala film Sivaji. Although younger actors like Vijay and Ajith have come to rival him for the affections of South Indian film fanatics, he remains one of the country's biggest stars.

Rajinikanth's prior film with Pa.Rajinth, Kabali, was a global smash hit, earning nearly 5 billion rupees (approximately $75 million) when it released in 2016, making it the 8th highest-grossing Indian film of all time.

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