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Jailer total gross collection crosses historic numbers, Sun Pictures official announcement
(Saturday, 26th August 2023)

History has been created as 'Superstar' Rajinikanth's Jailer has amassed huge new numbers at the worldwide box office. Prestigious production-distribution banner Sun Pictures on Friday, August 25, dropped yet another massive announcement informing fans of the film's box office totals crossing 525 crores in gross collections. Sharing a new Jailer poster featuring Rajinikanth seated on a chair at his suave and elegant best as always, Sun Pictures released the new box office report in their new big announcement. 

Jailer has been breaking box office records left and right as the film also registered the highest first-week total gross collection in the history of Tamil cinema with 375.40+ crores, thus once again bringing to the fore Rajinikanth's star power. The mass action entertainer directed by blockbuster filmmaker Nelson Dilipkumar and featuring music composed by 'Rockstar' Anirudh Ravichander recently also created a new overseas record by becoming the highest-grossing film of the iconic actor in the USA after it crossed the $5 million mark at the box office, while registering more than 525,000 admissions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC), the highest for a Tamil venture, overseas distributor Ayngaran International announced last week. 

Rajinikanth's Jailer has been enjoying a clean outing in theatres with no big films entering the competition and the latest numbers once again suggest that the film could well continue to sweep the box office in the days ahead. The film powered by the presence of Tamil cinema's 'Superstar' along with an engaging screenplay by director Nelson, stellar production value by Sun Pictures, chart-topping songs and a power-packed background score from Anirudh, and a host of big stars making cameo and special guest appearances has added to its success. All eyes will now be set on how much more Rajinkanth's Jailer goes on to score at the box office in the days ahead considering the latest Sun Pictures announcement will no doubt be the talk of the town till then. 

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