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Superstar Rajinikanth presented with bonus cheque and BMW car after Jailer historic success
(Thursday, 31st August 2023)

Despite the fact that over 20 days have passed since the release of Nelson Dilipkumar’s Rajinikanth-starrer Jailer, and even though the film’s box office numbers have started to decline, it continues to perform better than the majority of films released this year. Following an impressive first week and a solid second week, Jailer concluded its third week in theatres on a decent note by earning Rs 29.43 crore in nett revenue from the domestic market, according to industry tracker Sacnilk.

Meanwhile, Jailer has established itself as one of the biggest successes of production company Sun Pictures, which had previously bankrolled Rajinikanth films such as Enthiran (2010), Petta (2019), and Annaatthe (2021).

As a token of gratitude, Kalanithi Maran, the chairman and founder of the Sun Group, met with Superstar Rajinikanth on Thursday to mark the historic success of Jailer. During the meeting, Maran presented a cheque to Rajinikanth and offered him a choice of two cars as a gift. Rajinikanth selected the luxurious BMW X7 from the options.

Sun Pictures shared images and a video capturing their interaction. In the video, Maran is seen showcasing the cars to the Superstar. After closely inspecting both vehicles and consulting with experts present, Rajinikanth opted for the BMW X7.

Maran also met with director Nelson Dilipkumar on Friday, during which he presented a cheque to the filmmaker. While the exact amount of the cheque given to Rajini remains undisclosed, industry tracker Manobala Vijayabalan tweeted that the envelope handed over by Maran contained a single cheque worth Rs 100 crore from City Union Bank. He also noted that this sum represents a share of Jailer’s profit, in addition to Rajinikanth’s remuneration of Rs 110 crore. With earnings totalling Rs 210 crore from a single film, Rajinikanth has now become the highest-paid actor in India, according to Vijayabalan.

The Rajinikanth-starrer’s total collection in India now stands at Rs 328.33 crore. On Thursday, the occupancy in the Tamil states remained the highest at 18.01 per cent, with the consistent trend of evening shows bringing in the maximum footfall.

Jailer has amassed a total worldwide box office revenue of Rs 572.8 crore, comprising an India gross of Rs 381.8 crore and an additional Rs 191 crore from overseas markets.


Mr. Kalanithi Maran presents cheque and Porsche car to Director Nelson Dilipkumar


Mr. Kalanithi Maran presents cheque and Porsche car to Music Director Anirudh


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