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Rajinikanth meets Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim
(Monday, 11th September 2023)

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 - There is no doubt that Superstar Rajinikanth has a fan following all around the globe. And apparently, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is no exception. The two were seen together in the Prime Minister’s office, sharing a laughter as well. The Jailer actor was seen donning a plain and simple white dhoti paired with a white shirt. The Superstar’s choice of donning traditional Indian attire has also turned eyeballs. 

“I received a visit from the Indian film star, Rajinikanth, who is a familiar name on the Asian and International Art World Stage. I appreciate the respect he gave to my struggle especially regarding the issue of misery and suffering of the people. Among the things that were casually discussed were certainly related to the social elements that I strive to include in his films in the future. Praying that Rajinikanth continues to excel in the field and the film world.” tweeted the Malaysian Prime Minister after his interaction.

Check out his tweet below: 


Jailer in Malaysia

As we all know, Tamil movies do fairly well in Malaysia as well. And the case does not get better than with Jailer. 

The Rajini starrer, which also featured cameos from prominent actors like Mohanlal, Shivaji Rajkumar, Tamannah Bhatia and Jackie Shroff dominated the Malaysian box office as well. According to reports, Jailer has set a benchmark of becoming the highest-grossing Indian film in its opening week in Malaysia.

The country has shown its love time and again for Indian films, especially Tamil films.

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