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Kuselan Corner

Mohan Raman Speaks about Kuselan

18 July 2008


I find that there have been several discussions and views and points and counterpoints being made about the film....Good, if not great...but , let us be clear on what this film is.....a film on Friendship , a film on how a person can stay simple even when he has reached giddy heights , a film of a person who does not forget his past and a film of a simple village barber who does not feel like using old friends to relieve his difficulties, especially economic ones.
Many ask this question , will it be like the malayalam Original.??? WHY , why this comparison....was Ghajini like Memento , was Avvai Shanmukhi like Mrs.Doubtfire....these are irrelevant questions and comparisons....both these Tamil Films were by themselves terrific entertainers and that is what counts...P.Vasu is a great one for adapting stuff to suit the STAR.....in this case a REAL SUPERSTAR....We should never compare and ask , if the Tamil film is "as good" as the original etc..is this film entertaining ? that is the question one should ask.Many said that Chandramukhi was not as "good" as the Malayalam original Manichiththirathaazh...I am not going to get into that arguement , if you want to see Fazil's version, please see the Original.....It is like saying that we have had Valmiki,Kambar.Thulasidas,and many others including Rajaji and now Ashok Banker writing the story of Lord Rama....so now which is better??

I believe that P.Vasu is a Director who is Producer Friendly, Artiste friendly and Audience friendly...he will not strain any of them beyond a point.He will ensure that justice is done to all. I want all those who talk of "will it be like the malayalam film?' to Please refrain from comparisons....THIS FILM WILL BE A GREAT ENTERTAINER, focus on fine values and do much for the Tamil Film Industry. P.Vasu knows how to handle the Superstar...he will not ask a Lion to pull a bullock Cart....Will it be like Basha or Annamalai or Mannan....well, each of these films were so totally different from one another...Annamalai the Milkman was totally different from Manickam the Auto driver while Mannan was "Taming of the Shrew"....I know what has been done and I can boldly say that there is good fun, frolic,sentiment and a super message in the film...This will be a movie enjoyed by not just the fans of Superstar but any one who has ever had a dear friend in life. Believe me that the Superstar has done a splendid job in the last reel, what an actor....Kudos...for I am seeing the actor in him emerge after a long time of being overshadowed by the Star.Indeed he has not acted but lived the role.....