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Kuselan Corner

Pasupathy denial on sidelining rumours!

14 July 2008

“It’s a wonderful experience to act with Rajini SIR. Kuselan is an excellent story. Rajini sir has acted differently in this film. I liked very much his way of behaving more than his acting skills.

He shows love and affection to all without partiality.

I met him in person only during Kuselan pooja. The moment he saw me, he hugged me with passion and wished me.

It is really incorrect to say that I am sidelined in Kuselan. This is 100% Rajini sir’s film. I am just a part in it. What doubt in this? I should be grateful to Rajini sir and Vasu sir for giving me an opportunity to act in this film. This itself is a thing to be adored. What else I want? So, there’s no room for discarding or sidelining me.

If you ask me why I didn’t attend audio launch it is because of this Vedigundu Murugesan shooting. This is a low budget film. Their schedule shouldn’t be affected because of my absence. So, I already informed Vasu sir about this and explained my inability to take part in the audio launch. Since he knows the nuances of a film shooting, he understood.

That night itself, Superstar called me and enquired my well being and said that the audio launch passed on quite good manner. He also said that he came to know that I was in shooting. He spoke about the film for sometime. There’s no necessity for him to talk to me. But he called me and enquired about my absence. That is enough. Real situation is thus but some jobless interests are creating issues out of this. I don’t want to go deep in that.”

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