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Singapre Rajini fans meeting with Sivaji movie exhibitor
(Thursday, 29th March 2007)

Singapore Rajinifans team with Mr Mahendran, the Plaza Theater owner and partner of Ayngaran International.

From left : Vijay, Dharma, Mahendran, Shajahan, Jai, Hari, Thiaagarajan and Siva

This time, since we do not have enough time to do a proper reporting, we are giving a main gist of the meeting that we had yesterday, 29th March 2007.

The fans (around 8 of us) met at Plaza Theatre, Singapore. Sivaji will be released in Plaza theatre and the Golden Village at Yishun. We met with Mahendran (the manager of Plaza Theater and partner of Ayngaran International).

He mentioned that he made S$500,000 through Chandramukhi, though Mahendran wasn't the distributor of CM. This time, Ayngran is the distributor and Mahendran is the partner for Singapore & Malaysia. They also has the rights for releasing the VCD/DVD at a later date as well.

He is awaiting his partners to come down from Madras (Arun Pandian and others) and they will discuss as to when they are going to release the movie in Singapore.

The normal trend is that the movie releases 1 day before it releases in India. Thus, the fans here gets to see Sivaji the previous day
evening show onwards.

Fans also discussed about how we will celebrate Sivaji.

* We plan to put up banners inside and outside the Plaza theatre and also provide banners for GV at Yishun theatre.

* We also has plans to do a small advertisement on the Tamil newspaper.

* We might plan to advertise the movie through OLI FM radio station, but this is still under discussion at this moment.

As for the banner and paper advertisement fund collection, all Singapore fans will be requested to transfer $50 to our Auditor, Mr Dharma.

If any of the fans (worldwide) who's good in designing banners and interested to help us out in designing some "stylish" banners, please
contact Shajahan (our Moderator).


"Prince" Raj
Singapore Correspondent

More to come from other reigons too! Watch for it!

Some other photos which were taken during the Singapore meeting :




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