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Superstar Rajinikanth Sivaji audio released worldwide
(Sunday, 1st April 2007)

Usually ever busy Richi street (The wholesale audio market) would wake only 11.00 am in mornings.

But when Boss' CDs arrives, what would happen?

Distributors from all over the Northern parts of state and suburban chennai would throng in early morning for cds and casettes.

Our Special Correspondent, Mr Sundar, and a press photographer and reporter were there this morning 4.30 am.

By 5.00 am AVM van arrived with CDs and casettes arrived. In that wee morning business was like hot cake sales.

Exclusive Report

Finally the day has indeed arrived. The most expected and the largely awaited event in the recent times, the official release of Sivaji audio finally took place this morning. Though three songs were released in the net in an unauthorized manner, people did not fail to throng the shops for the purchase of audio tapes and CDs of the film.

The curiosity aroused by the cover of the audio and the stills that go with it remained unabated. Though today is the beginning of the week, this did not deter people from flocking to their favorite audio shops to purchase CDS and cassettes of Sivaji.

Ritchie Street in Chennai which is considered as the hub of audio sales commenced their trade officially as early as 5 in the morning. When an audio shop near Devi theatre in Anna Salai was probed, he answered that he began his sale only around 6 in the morning when his counterparts were ahead of him by one hour already. He reported that till 2 in the afternoon, around 300 cassettes and 200 CDs have already been sold. While Music World, Spencer’s Plaza reported that they have already sold 400 CDS before 2 PM in the afternoon and stated that the trend was much expected and they have stocked enough to meet the demand.

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