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Sivaji Corner

Sivaji 100 Days Celebration at Albert Theater, Chennai

16 Sep 2007


Rajini fans celebrated Sivaji's grand 100 days at Albert theatre in Chennai. Sivaji's Cinematographer KV Anand and Editor Antony participated and graced the celebrations.

It is fans celebration

Our Superstar's Sivaji is nearing 100 days in innumerous centers allover the world approximately. Fans decided to celebrate this in Chennai Albert theatre with fan fare and much fervour.

Honour to fans

KV Anand, Antony and few other comic actors of Sivaji were invited to the event and they happily agreed. And also came in right time and participated and honoured the fans.

Remember this is an event organized and conducted by fans. Not production house or from Superstar's side. This itself shows the difference between Rajini fans and other fans.

A big success

The celebration was scheduled between 5.00 to 6.30 pm on Sunday Sep 16th evening so as fans would have time to watch Chandramukhi 804 function in Kalaignar TV. We were afraid about the crowd and worried how much would turn up since Padayappa was being telecasted in Sun TV. But beyond our expectation, fans gathered there and the event was a big success.

Singing, dancing

Fans started pouring in around 4.30 pm. The band orchestra was requested to play songs so as to keep the fans in euphoric mood. Once the orchestra started singing, everybody started dancing according to that. It was a nice visual to witness that everybody from each layer of society started dancing forgetting there whereabouts. This will happen only to one name on the earth. And it is – Superstar.

And crackers were burst and there was fireworks show. We couldn't cover all with our camera as we were already running here and there.

Arathis and trademark Palabhishekam

Later fans performed Arathis and trademark Palabhishekam. Pumpkins were broken so as to vibe off evil eyes on Sivaji's success and Superstar.

Coconuts broken

Numerous coconuts were broken and the place looked like a sacred temple where devotees break coconuts.

Slum dwellers joined us

Local slum dwellers too joined fans and celebrations gained the momentum. This shows what is true equality. (Idhuthaanpa unmaiyana Samathuvam). Small children too were dancing and giving cat calls and shouts like: Supperrstaaar, Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaa, Sivajiiiiiiiiii…..

Interested bus passengers

Many bus passengers peeked their head from buses to watch to celebrations as the area was rocked continuously with band and fireworks. Many ten thousand walas were burst and it looked more or less like first day of Sivaji.

Meantime, Chief Guests of the event KV Anand and Antony arrived and they were made to site inside the verandah of the theatre. NDTV crew had a separate sound byte with them.

100 days memento distributed

100 days shield was presented by local fan club office bearers to KV Anand, Antony and Albert Theatre Mariappan. Actor Balaji and Muthukalai who appeared in comic roles in Sivaji too participated in the event which was held Sunday 16th evening.


Superstar's 200% co-operation for Sivaji movie

KV Anand spoke at the event that Superstar's 200% co-operation throughout the making Sivaji is unforgettable in his life. He also added that Superstar means Punctuality and he was there for shooting in right time each day of shooting. Antony said that Sivaji's success is unimaginable and unmatchable.

Without others' help – pls bear sir

We have witnessed chaos and confusions in success celebrations like this even organized by a powerful production houses where they arrange everything with two or more PROs. Since this was an event organized by fans there were chaos and confusions prevailing here and there in the event which made KV Anand and Antony little bit uneasy. However, we told them to bear this since this is a celebration organized by fans themselves without any others' help. They said no probs at all. We personally thanked KV Anand on behalf of for his interaction with media throughout the making and running of Sivaji in these two years and also congratulate him for his best work in Sivaji.

Sweets and fireworks

Previously fans cut cake and burst out crackers which rocked that area. Sweets were distributed to all including audiences. Rajini's cutout was garlanded (fans yelling – Thailaivaaaaaaaaaaa echoed the whole area for some time during this time and fans performed arathis. Band Orchestra was organised where they sung famous songs from Rajini films.

Late evening all the fans enjoyed watching Sivaji movie.

The event was organised by LIC Unit Rajinifans - LIC P Sridhar of Chennai. Triplicane Gunasekaran, Baba Selvam, Kanjipuram Anbazhagan, Chennai Press Kumar, Woodlands Laxmanan, Uthiramerur Dinakaran, Joeni Kanth, Madurai Balu, Rajini Dilli, Srikanth and other fan club office bearers participated in the occasion. Orkut Rajini Fans group Sampath, Prasanna and Madhu received the guests.

Our Special correspondent Sundar and Neela Narayanan were there from

NDTV and SS Music

NDTV and SS Music covered the event. (more coming up!)

For complete photos of the above event please
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