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Sivaji Corner

USA : Sivaji The Boss FDFS Celebrations




It was the day when the world rejoiced the release of Super Star's Sivaji, THE BOSS.

The celebrations were at its peak today at the Bloomingdale Theater in Chicago , IL in the first weekend after worldwide premier of Sivaji last Thursday.

The atmosphere was electrifying both in and outside the theater with Sivaji's songs rocking all around. The fans who had gathered from all over US were dancing in joy and having fun.

Amongst those die hard fans, some of the persons were wearing traditional South Indian dothi had one more reason to rejoice with the crowd. Local fans were there to wear a Rajini Fans club t-shirt, which he got by donating his blood with a divine intension to save few lives.

It was a proud moment for him as it attracted many folks who had gathered to watch super star movie. Fans had this good opportunity to encourage the folks to donate blood for the noble cause of saving lives and it really made his day.

Senthil velan, our correspondent, Chicago


Little Rock, Arkansas

We are writing on behalf of all the Rajini fans in the home town of the former president Bill Clinton – Little Rock, Arkansas. Tamil Population in this small town is very less and it is challenging to run a Tamil movie in local theatre, but we die-hard fans determined to bring this mega budgeted SIVAJI movie and started planning ahead at least by 40days in prior to draw the entire possible crowd in our unique way of marketing.

Mr. Ulaganathan an experienced distributor for Tamil movies in our hometown is the key to bring Sivaji within 3 days (18th June 2007) from the date of release. But we could not control our nerve, after hearing the news that our neighboring state 'Tennessee' is running the movie on 14th June 2007 (Tamil). So we decided to watch the preview show in Memphis, TN. The hours we needed to commute didn't deter us as our conversations were filled with either pre-show excitement or post-show discussions. After watching the movie our quotations were 'Awesome, Superb, Fantastic, Wonderful, Marvelous, Extremely Sauv� and Stylish. Which word would be appropriate? We think all of them, and it was an absolute treat to get a chance to be one of the first to watch this great movie!

Our excitement and feelings started growing on thinking that 'We will be watching it AGAIN in our hometown'. On a Stormy Gusty day with all the hurdles we faced, we could only screen the first show at 11:00P.M. (Schedule to screen at 6:30P.M. Monday 18th June) But….

All the Families including Elders and Kids waited patiently and watched the movie until 3A.M. in spite of being a working day. "The response was huge", at the end a 4yr old boy mimicked BOSS punch line 'Chumma Pera Ketta Athirudhulla'…Rajni style influences him to do this. First time we went online. People from neighboring states like Texas, Missouri, Tennessee and our hometown fans got the publicity from your site and propelled us to screen the movie next day. We screened the movie Tuesday 19th June at 6:30 P.M. and some of us watched the movie for the second time. 'Where no other fan would have this great opportunity to enjoy this movie 2 times in just 24 hrs"

To share this wonderful experience to you, I'm attaching our memphis and Little Rock show pics. Also I'm having video response of the crowd is with me. Soon I will upload in to youtube or google video and let u know.


Rajkumar Rajendran
And his LR Friends


New Jersey


San Diego

Last week, a wave of euphoria swept across the globe and San Diego was no exception. It was not a divine incarnation, not a festival, not a sporting event and definitely not a new invention. It was SIVAJI-THE BOSS. After weeks of anticipation, Superstar Rajini's blockbuster Sivaji finally stormed into San Diego. This was the first time, premiere of a tamil movie was screened in San Diego. Evening of June 14th was an eventful one as couple of hundred die-hard Rajini fans lined up outside the theatre almost 2 hours before the show began. As thalaivar with his immense screen presence and rocking style entertained the guests for 3 solid hours, the audience had their own celebration converting the quiet cinema hall into a carnival event. Hordes of emails followed the show with rave reviews of the movie and non-stop praises of the one and only Rajinikanth.

San Diego had to share the movie reel with Phoenix and so the next show in San Diego was scheduled only 3 days later. As the second show was to be screened in a much bigger theatre with stadium seating, a number of us had planned to watch the 2nd show. We had to go through a gruelling 3-day waiting session before we could get a glimpse of our thalaivar.

Slowly the big day arrived. We had already been to the premiere event just to experience the Rajini phenomenon without actually watching the movie that day. Having seen the celebration, we decided to have a bigger and a louder one. We went to the theatre almost 2 and 1/2 hours before the showtime and started transforming the movie hall into a Rajini paradise. The ticket counters and the hall were decorated with banners that shouted punch dialogues like "Vaada Vaada Vaangikoda.. Ticketa inga vaangikoda", "Pera keta odane chumma adhurudhu illa" etc. Everyone in our group dressed up in blue and we sprinted energetically to occupy a complete row at the hall#12 at Edwards Mira Mesa 18 in San Diego. We started distributing confetti shooters, saved a bagful for us and we were all set for the big moment.

As the trailers of Sultan (An animated movie of Rajinikanth set to release in 2008) hit the screen, the crowd was not able to control their emotions. By the time, the titles rolled with the inimitable fashion 'SUPERSTAR RAJINI', the theatre almost resonated with the noise the modest 250+ crowd generated. This was an experience like no other and only Superstar could generate such energy levels in the audience. For the next 3 hours, we were treated with pure Rajini magic and sheer high-quality entertainment. Director Shankar made sure that each frame looked like a scene out of a glossy high-resolution post card. The rich imagery, with a rocking A.R.Rahman score scorched the cinema hall. Staff at the Edwards cinema hall walked in to catch a quick glimpse, but never moved a muscle after that. Their eyes were glued to the screen and were amazed at our thalaivar's screen presence and the electrifying atmosphere we generated. It was a cracker of an experience and seemed like Diwali just got over looking at the number of papers strewn all over the place. At the end of the show, we felt many years younger and were gleaming with energy.


San Jose (Bay Area)

I have been Rajini fan my whole life and I didn’t think even in the wildest of my dreams that will be catching my thalaivar’s Sivaji in Bay area. But it came true, and my friends joined me for the cinema experience of my life time. For the first time a Tamil Cinema is released in 2 theaters in the same location in USA. Camera 3 Cinemas in San Jose Downtown and Park Theater in Fremont

I was a little taken aback since even after a week after the release of Sivaji I had to wait to get the tickets in the Park theatre. Sivaji craziness is yet to wear off in the bay area.

Thalaivar was rocking in the movie and we had a superb time. It was almost like in Chennai as everyone screamed at the top of their voices whenever Superstar came on screen. It was the experience worth the high prices I had to pay for the tickets.

I would be watching the movie again in the theatres in a few days. And I think everyone of my friends will also accompany me as they were also so pleased by the movie too.

Ghuru Kumaravelu, Bay Area






The amazing never-before-seen response of the Superstar’s Sivaji – The Boss in Seattle has left everyone, including the local exhibitor Sahasworld’s Saha Nathan in a daze. Normally, Tamil movies are screened for two or three shows in Seattle. Though Seattle commands a conspicuous Indian population, due to the not too many number of Tamil folks, Tamil films have never made it to more than two shows. The maximum number of shows a Tamil film was screened in Seattle was four and that was Superstar's previous movie, Chandramukhi held that record.

Nevertheless, Sivaji was at an altogether different level. The distributors ended up screening 9 shows for Sivaji. Though only 5 shows had been originally planned, due to the overwhelming response from the audience many of whom watched it more than once, 4 more screenings were scheduled. It did not matter to the folks here that 2 of those 9 shows were scheduled on weekdays, which are generally considered non-movie watching days by the desi folks here. It is safe to say that there has been and there will be no other film like Sivaji in the history of Tamil movies screening in Seattle as far as audience enthusiasm and response go.

Seattle was also one of the few selected cities in the US that has to screen the premiere show on the 14th. That show was a festival in its own way. Rajni fans began pouring in from around 5pm, for the 8:30 show. Folks drove in from as far as Boise in Idaho to watch the movie. 150 T-shirts with the Superstar picture imprinted in it had been prepared for the occasion and they were all distributed to the fans in a matter of few minutes, and many ardent fans were left without t-shirts. Some hard-core fans went to the extreme of shaving their heads to show their fan follower ship.

The Seattle Rajni fans had also come up with a big vinyl banner and that was on display at the entrance of the theater. Inside the theater, the scene was no different with shouts of Thalaivaa renting the air and fans throwing up shredded paper whenever the Superstar appeared on screen. It has to be said that the Adhiradi song invoked the best response from the fans and the viewing public alike.

A gang of around 20 die-hard Rajini fans made it a point to watch the movie on every single day that it was screened and thus ended up watching the movie a total of 5 times. Some of them even brought their colleagues from work who do not understand the language but had merely come in to experience the atmosphere.

Overall, the Sivaji mania has swept the Tamil folks in Seattle off their feet and now they are left wanting for more.











San Antonio


Houston Texas

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