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Sivaji Corner

Fans' Celebration for Sivaji 50th day at Albert Theater, Chennai


BOSS 50th day@albert ..chennaiRajnikanth's movie Sivaji has completed 50 days.

To celebrate this, hundreds of frenzied fans from the Rajini Fan Club gathered at Albert Theatre for a special screening.

This theatre has for long been considered the epicentre of Rajini mania.

"I have seen this film 15 times and I watched it only for Rajini. He is our Thalaivar," says Sampath, Member, Rajini Fan Club.

Rajinikanth's previous movie Chandramukhi is still running for more than 840 days in Chennai. Will Sivaji witness a replay of this box office success?

"I don't think it will break Chandramukhi's record because of the marketing strategy where you pump 400 prints and rake in the money. Sivaji came with 700 prints and look at it today. In the last 50 days, every Tamil film fan says 'hey I'm watching Sivaji today'. That itself is a record," says Bama Ravi, Film Critic, The Indian Express.

So this is just the end of the beginning. The Rajini mania will continue and there's bound to be more celebrations when the film completes 100 days.


Video clips of Fans Celebration







Fans Celebration Photos 1


Fans Celebration Photos 2


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